Booking an appointment

Before booking an appointment consider what is your problem and who is the more appropriate person to deal with it. It could be you just need some support with some forms, or travel vaccine, and an e-consultation could be more appropriate. Equally a medication review when some tests are needed are better dealt primarily by nurse or health care assistant so the tests are done, and maybe no further appointment with the doctor is needed to be able to continue getting your prescription.

Seeing a nurse or a health care assistant?

Please note the latest appointment for bloods is 4.45pm. Unfortunately we can not do a blood test after this time.

If you are unsure who you need to see please see list below for guidance.

Please DO NOT book a Nurse appointment for a blood test. This can only be done by a Health Care Assistant.

Health Care Assistant – An appointment with a Health care assistant can only be made by calling the practice. This is to try and avoid appointments been booked with HCA’s as they can not carry out all procedures.

  • Bloods
  • ECG *
  • Spirometry
  • NHS Health Check *
  • Blood pressure
  • B12 Injection


  • On going contraception
  • COPD checks*
  • Asthma checks*
  • Travel vaccinations*
  • Baby vaccinations*
  • Immunisations*
  • Diabetic check * (please book with Nurse Sharon Poole only)
  • Smear * (please book with Helen Dunne or Nurse Sharon Poole only)


* Please note a 20 minute appointment is required.

Seeing a GP?

Usual appointments for GP’s are 10 minutes only. If you feel you need more time to discuss your health issues, you can always arrange for a double appointment.

Skype appointments (video consultations over internet) are also available. Make sure you have a Skype account and that your Skype ID is on your records. At present only Dr Martin is doing them.

Types of appointments

There are different types of appointments to try to cater for management of chronic disease as well as dealing with emergencies.

  • normal appointments. Can be booked weeks in advance, mainly for routine care, for managing chronic disease and reviews.
  • embargoed for the day. To deal with more urgent matters
  • emergency appointments. When no appointments are left, and still there is urgency requiring a consultation on the day.

Unfortunately our capacity is not without limits, and even if we try to have a right balance, there are days when we cannot accommodate more patients

Please help us

If you are not able to attend your appointment please let us know in time so that the time can be used for someone else. If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment you will be asked to re-book.

Dental problems

Unfortunately we are unable to help in these circumstances and we will ask you to see your dentist. If you are looking for dental care the NHS Choices website can help you find a NHS dentist.

For urgent Dental Care please call the NHS 111 service.