New Patients

How to register as a new patient

You can register online using the below form:

What to bring to register

To register yourself or everyone in your household you will need to visit the surgery to complete a registration form. Please bring with you one of the following:

  • Two forms of identification – one of which should include your Name, Date of Birth & Address. (eg. Passport or Driving Licence)
  • An existing Health Card (with NHS number)

You will also need to complete a new patient health questionnaire giving details of your important past medical history, medication you are on, allergies etc. (You can do it online using the available online form, but it will not be processed until you come to us with the documentation required).

New patients will normally be offered a preliminary health check when they register.

Practice Catchment Area

You can register as a new patient with the practice if you live inside our inner practice area. Some patients are registered from outside as the area was different when we were based at Butt Lane (LS12 4JE), a few years ago. You can check if you fall within our catchment area below.

Find a GP – NHS (

Catchment Area

Temporary residents

As well as permanent registrations, we can register people if they are staying in the practice area on a temporary basis. There are 2 options:

  • up to 15 days
  • over 15 days and up to 3 months

You will need to provide the name and full address of your own surgery, so we can liaise with them to provide you better care, understanding your health needs.

Overseas Visitors

If you are an overseas visitor to the UK there may be a charge to see the doctor or nurse. For further information, please contact reception.

Out of area patients

The Patient Choice Scheme was created to allow GP practices to register new patients who live outside the practice area, without any obligation to provide home visits or out of hours services when the patient was unable to attend their registered practice.

You may want to register while living outside the practice catchment area but perhaps working in the area. This will be more convenient for you to attend us during your breaks.

From January 2015, NHS England intended to have adequate arrangements in place. However in Leeds, no agreement has yet been reached and so the scheme is still pending.

At present we are not registering out of area patients.

Updating Your Details

Please let us know if you move or change your telephone number so we can update your records or you can change your details online if you are registered on SystmOnline.