Patient Participation Group Report 2012

Patient Participation Group  Report 2012

The patient reference group has been set up to give the practice and it’s patients an opportunity to work together to develop the practice.

The Membership of the group are patients and carer’s at the practice involving 13 patients of  both male and female, of British ethnicity age range 25 – 80 yrs.

The practice advertised in the local post office and in the surgery to engage with patients and invite them to participate along with comments from the patient’s suggestion box.  See below.

  • We promoted the group by asking a third party to speak to patients in the waiting room.
  • We put promotional posters in the waiting room.
  • We asked clinical and non clinical staff to promote the PRG
  • We promoted our PPG using our website

A survey was sent out to all members for comments on our services.

We wanted to develop a patient survey that asked questions which were relevant to our patients.  We used the following methods to identify key issues at the practice.

  • We asked a third party to spend time speaking to our patients in the waiting room
  • We asked our PPG to share their thoughts about the practice
  • We used feedback from our ‘comments box’ in reception
  • We used information from our complaints and compliments process
  • We used feedback from online services such as patient opinion
  • We used feedback from previous patient surveys at the practice.

Roles and Responsibilities 

 The patient reference group will represent the wider community by offering advice and information to the practice enabling them to :

  • Provide services which meets the needs of the practice population
  • Develop new services which meets the needs of the practice population
  • Promote the health and well being of the local community
  • Provide services which are accessible by all
  • Communicate effectively with their patients
  • Provide services of a high quality
  • Engage with the practice population before making significant changes

The practice is not obliged to act on recommendations or proposals from the patient group, the practice does however commit to respond to all recommendations and proposals as appropriate.

 Chair of the group is Joanne Woods Practice Manager.

The minute taker of the group is Dr Amanda Robinson .

Details of PPG Meeting Wed 25th Jan 2012


Dr A Robinson, Dr P Martin, Andrea Richardson, Joanne Woods, I H, E P, P B, J M, J W


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Feedback from survey results
  • Exploring the good / less good things about the practice
  • Suggestions
  • AOB


  • Feedback from survey – all agreed no change to survey questions.
  • Suggestion from group – quite difficult to get an appointment with the Practice Nurse / HCA
  • Difficult getting through to reception, phone lines busy – suggestion try internet bookings
  • Question from member – how a GP could see on the computer patient’s that are allergic to medication – Dr Martin explained the procedure a ‘pop up’ message alerts the doctor when prescribing issuing medication.
  • Positive comments from group on staff / clinicians all  very caring and concerned when on the telephone and in consultations – all felt had time to listen.

Action Plan

  • Discussion at Practice Meeting now agreed to embargo more appointments with Practice Nurse / HCA to enable easier access on the day.
  • JW discussed with PCT how to implement internet bookings on computer system further discussion and trial – to take forward to next meeting