Patient Participation Group  Minutes Aug 2015


Wednesday 19th August 2015

Attendees:Jo, Amanda, John Whittaker, Brenda Walker, Phillip Barker, Derek Green, Lisa Durno, Rachel Hooper

  • Care. Data – Care. Data programme – NHS England collecting data information for the health of the nation, gives a better understanding of diseases to develop drugs and treatments that can save lives.  Data can compare the quality of care provided in different parts of the country, leaflet given to all group for information.  Patients can opt out, NHS England will send out letters to patients later in the year.
  • Andrea’s Retirement –Discussed Andrea now retired from the practice, all sad to see her go but respected her decision. Andrea and all the team enjoyed her retirement do.
  • New Staff – Moving forward we have taken on 2 new GP’s – Dr Angela Clough Salaried GP permanent , Dr Amanda Sadek Locum for 6 months, who has decided to travel at the end of January for 3 months looking to come back as a Salaried GP.
  • New Farnley Branch Surgery – Discussed the proposal of closing New Farnley now, this is mainly due to the cost of running a branch surgery and not utilising it as much as we would like due to staffing and the financial implications etc.  We have found patients like coming to the Wortley Beck Site, Public consultations re the closure have been arranged for Thursday 3rd Sept 6.30p.m at New Farnley Community Centre, and Tues 15th Sept 1.00p.m at Whitehall Surgery, group agreed it seemed a sensible decision but would be sad to see this go.
  • On line – Discussed new ways of contacting the practice as patients can now sign up to online appointments, repeat prescriptions, practice hoping this will ease pressure getting through on the telephone.