Your medical record

Data sharing in Leeds, and in this practice in particular.

Below you will see quite a detailed explanation about electronic records and sharing for the purpose of care, as well as for other purposes.

Why we collect information about you?

In the National Health Service we aim to provide you with the highest quality of health care. To do this we must keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide to you.

These records may include:

  • Basic details about you, such as address, date of birth, next of kin
  • Contact we have had with you such as clinical visits
  • Notes and reports about your health
  • Details and records about your treatment and care
  • Results of x-rays, laboratory tests etc
  • Relevant information from people who care for you and know you well, such as health professionals and relatives

It is good practice for people in the NHS who provide care to:

  • Discuss and agree with you what information will be recorded
  • Provide copy of letters they are writing about you upon request where appropriate
  • Show you what they have recorded about you if requested

How is this information used?

As part of the NHS in England, patient information is shared for different purposes and two types can be considered to be:

  1. To provide direct care: To provide patients with the personal care and treatment they need.
  2. For purposes beyond direct care: Where patients’ information is used alongside other patients’ information in statistics and research and analysis. This information is typically used to check that health and social care services are doing a good job; to provide the right services at the right time; and to support researchers in the development of new medicines and treatments.

How is information shared for your direct care?

Sharing information is common among the different organisations in the NHS as it allows those treating you to look after you better. In the past this was done through letters and telephone calls. Nowadays, that is supplemented via sharing some of the information available in the electronic records.

We may share information with the following main partner organisations:

  • Ambulance Service
  • Commissioners of healthcare
  • NHS Trusts (Hospitals)
  • NHS community services

We may also share your information, with your consent and subject to strict sharing protocols about how it will be used, with:

  • Education Services
  • Local Authorities
  • Private Sector providers
  • Social Services
  • Voluntary Sector Providers

Summary Care Record and Leeds Care Record are examples of where your information may be shared to benefit your direct care.

Using data for purposes beyond direct care

Information is also shared for research, planning of services and assessing the quality of the care provided by primary care.