Vaccinations for adults

Pneumococcal Vaccination

A pneumococcal infection can affect anyone. However, some people are at higher risk of serious illness and can be given the pneumococcal vaccination on the NHS. These include:

  • Adults aged 65 or over – usually only one injection needed
  • Children and adults with certain long-term health conditions, such as a serious heart or kidney condition

Please make an appointment with the nurse if you feel you should have it and we have not called you in. More information can be found on NHS Choices pneumococcal vaccination.

Shingles Vaccination

A vaccine to prevent shingles, a common, painful skin disease is now available on the NHS to certain people in their 70s. The shingles vaccine is given as a single injection and you’ll only need to have the vaccination once. You will receive an invite from the practice if you are eligible.

More information can be found on NHS Choices shingles vaccination