Dementia services

It is very important that anyone who has problems with their memory or thinking has a proper assessment.  If these problems are due to dementia then early diagnosis and referral has many benefits for the patient, their carer(s) and family.  It can help them to plan and access the treatment and support they need and to improve their quality of life.

In order to do this, the practice aims to:

  • Screen patients at risk (to increase early detection)
  • Provide improved care and support for patients and their families

How does it work?

Patients considered at risk, or concerned about the possibility of developing dementia, can see the nurse for a series of blood tests and a memory test.

If there is anything in the bloods that could affect memory, we will arrange an appointment to discuss how we best manage this.

If bloods are OK but the initial memory test indicates some concern, the patient will be invited to attend a memory clinic for further tests.