Flu & Covid Vaccines

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This winter flu vaccinations will be delivered by the practice team. We will contact you by your preferred method of contact using sms text first and then following up with either letters or telephone invites (as appropriate). You may be sent a link via text to self book online for an appointment at one of our vaccination clinics. If you prefer you may also book your flu and or covid vaccination with a community pharmacy .

Vaccinations for people residing in a care home or for the housebound will be managed by the practice and we will be in contact throughout October to arrange a visit. OR Covid vaccinations for patients who are resident in care homes or are housebound are being delivered by a team working as part of our primary care network. They will contact these patients directly throughout October to arrange a vaccination visit. If you are eligible for a covid booster vaccination and are not a resident in a care home or housebound you can go online and book your covid vaccination with one of a number of local pharmacies www.nhs.uk/seasonalvaccinations Winter vaccinations are being delivered to the patients at highest risk first. Vaccination clinics will be running throughout October and November and eligible patients will be sent invites in due course.