Book a video consultation

Video consultations. Skype and Skype for Business

We recently started this new method of communication. It is another form that can be beneficial when discussing results, as we can share on the screen the findings, give advice, do medication reviews, mental health assessments, etc. It is more informative than a telephone call but more limited than a face to face consultation, but can be done from the comfort of your home.


The Practice must have your Skype ID on record so we are able to call you back. You should also provide us with an email address that is associated with your Skype account

You can book Skype appointments using SystmOnline or by phoning reception.

Before we proceed, we need you to agree that:

  • As with face to face consultations we aim to know if anybody else is in the room, and in which role / who they are as this may not be clear on a video consultation.
  • Equally we expect consultations not to be recorded without our consent.
  • If the quality of the video consultation is poor we will, in the interest of safety, terminate it and try an alternative (whether telephone call or practice appointment)

Many thanks